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Parish Education Board

Working together for the benefit of our children, families, and community.

The Parish Education Board operates under the guidelines of the CECV (Catholic Education Commission of Victoria). It brings together, in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation, the Parish Priest, Principal, (ex-officio members) Teacher, Parent and Parish representatives of Our Lady’s Primary School community. Members of the Board are committed to a philosophy of education which makes Christ and the values of the Gospel the cornerstone of the school. The activities of the Board, the co-operation and mutual respect of its members should therefore bear witness to the spirit of the Gospel.

The Board exists to advise, assist and support the Parish Priest and the Principal in many of the decisions which they need to make in the school’s operations. As the Parish Priest is the administrator of the school, the Board’s authority is delegated by him.

Board members hold a privileged position within the school community. To be a member of the Parish Board entails responsibility. Thus members of the Board are expected to exercise discretion in the discussion of matters raised at Board meetings as, from time to time, matters of a confidential or sensitive nature may need to be discussed.

Some functions of the Parish Board are to:

  • Advise the Parish Priest and Principal
  • Support and encourage the Parish Priest, Principal and Staff
  • Participate and assist with school activities
  • Develop and ratify policies as designated by the Principal
  • Welcome and help integrate new parents
  • Strengthen the association between the parents and school administration
  • Work with and support the activities of the Parents’ and Friends Association
  • To support Parish life where applicable

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