If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want

to go far, go together.


Parent Involvement

Building partnerships between staff, families and community members to further enrich student learning and wellbeing.

Parents and Friends Association

Our Lady’s Primary School Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is an important and highly valued part of the school community. It essentially has two roles:

  • Socialising agent
  • Fund- raising

The PFA forms an important social link between parents and the school. Along with the Principal and staff, the PFA welcomes new parents to the School and Parish.

Meetings are held approximately once per month. All parents are welcome to attend and become involved in the PFA’s activities.

The PFA organises a number of social and fundraising activities throughout the year. The largest fundraiser is the annual fete. Money raised through these events is used to supply materials for the school in consultation with Principal and the staff.

Co-ordinators for each class are appointed at the beginning of each year to assist in any area nominated by the class teacher.

The PFA has representation on the Parish Education Board through the President or a delegate. The PFA provides a box in the office area in which to place any associated matters or letters.

A full copy of the Constitution of the Parents and Friends Association is available on request.

Working Bees

These are held regularly throughout the year. The school is extremely grateful for the wonderful achievements gained from the work of the parents during working bees. A great sense of community is gained when the parents come together to achieve a common goal. Our Lady’s Primary School is committed to providing an education at the highest possible level in a safe and well-maintained environment. Through working bees, fundraisers and a property maintenance program, the school community works tirelessly to ensure that proper facilities are provided for all students.

Parent Helpers

Our Lady’s Primary School is a small school serving a closely knit local community.  Parent assistance in many aspects of the life of the school is welcomed and appreciated by staff. Parents are valued helpers in many areas of the curriculum, e.g. Literacy activities, Information Technology, Maths problem solving, P.M.P., inter-school sport, swimming program, Art, Excursions.

Parental assistance with classroom activities promotes and affirms the partnership of parents and teachers in the educative process. It also promotes greater mutual understanding of the difficulties and joys of the respective roles of both parent and teacher.  Effective parent assistance significantly enhances children’s educational opportunities and promotes a close and mutually supportive partnership between home and school.

Courtesy and co-operation are to be expected from the children at all times. It is important that parent helpers are positive and encouraging in their work with the children. The role of parent helper is one of great responsibility and requires the highest standards of confidentiality and sensitivity.  Any concerns or observations a parent may have about a particular child – academic or behavioural should be reported only to the classroom teacher.

Parents assisting with Literacy in Foundation, Year 1 and 2 classrooms may be required to complete a short training course before being included on the Helpers Roster. The contents of the sessions help in understanding what is involved in the reading and writing process. The school will endeavour to keep parents informed of any changes to timetable and parents need to notify the school if they are unable to assist at their scheduled time.

A Working with Children Check (WWCC) is required by law for all parents and guardians who volunteer. We require that a copy of WWCC needs to be retained by the school. For more information,

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“Our Lady’s Primary School recognises the importance of preparing students for a world beyond the classroom. We are constantly challenging our young minds to take learning risks and develop positive growth mindsets.”

Mrs Annie Engellenner, Principal