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Medical Information

Student health is an important aspect of a students schooling.

From time to time the School may request specific information relating to your child’s health. All information requested is considered confidential and will be treated accordingly.


Please keep your child at home if he/she is unwell. Infections spread rapidly. Students who are too ill to remain at school or have returned too early after illness will be requested to be collected by the parent or nominated contact.  

Please inform the school of any medical diagnosis that affects your child, e.g. asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis. Medication for appropriate management of these conditions must be provided with clear instructions for administration. A Medical Management Plan completed by a registered health professional is also required.

The school also needs to be informed of any emotional or physical problem a student has which may affect his/her ability to engage in school activities. All students are expected to take part in Physical Education, sport activities and excursions unless a satisfactory reason is given by parents/guardians.

Sick bay procedure

Sick Bay is close to the main school office. All injuries are recorded in the accident book located in the Sick Bay and a copy of the report is sent home with the student. Parents/Guardians are contacted when deemed necessary.  In the case of a serious accident or illness, an ambulance will be called. Payment for the ambulance service is the responsibility of the parents/guardian.

In the case of minor accidents e.g. abrasions, a band-aid may be applied.  Please let the office know if your child is allergic to band-aids.

Any changes to address or telephone numbers need to be communicated to the office so that our records are kept up to date.


It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child is covered by health and accident insurance.

Immunisation certificate (school entry)

The Health Act requires all children commencing school in Foundation Year to have a certificate of status of immunisation. This certificate, issued by the local council health department, shows whether or not your child has been vaccinated.  

School medical services

Foundation Year students have the opportunity to have a free medical examination by officers from the School Medical Service of the Health Department of Victoria. Notification of the availability of this services is sent home to Foundation students during the course of the year.

Infectious diseases

In the case of certain infectious diseases children must be excluded from school.  The following is a table of the period of exclusion from school in the case of common childhood diseases.

Disease Child shall be excluded from school . . .
Chicken Pox For at least 7 days after the beginning of the illness and until the last lesion (sore) has healed.
Diphtheria Until at least 2 negative swabs have been obtained at intervals of not less than 48 hours, this first swab taken 72 hours after the cessation of antibiotic or chemotherapeutic agents.
German Measles Until a medical certificate of recovery is produced or until 10 days have lapsed since the beginning of the rash.
Impetigo Unless lesions (sores) are being treated and covered.
Viral Hepatitis Until medical certificate of recovery is produced, or until the symptoms have subsided.
Measles Until medical certificate of recovery is produced, or until 7 days have elapsed since the beginning of the rash.
Meningococcal Infection Until medical certificate of recovery is produced.
Mumps Until at least 14 days after the onset of symptoms.
Pediculosis (Head Lice) Until effectively treated.
Poliomyelitis For at least 14 days from the onset of the disease or until medical certificate of recovery is produced.
Ringworm Until medical certificate is produced that the child is receiving treatment.
Streptococcal Infection (including Scarlet Fever) Until medical certificate of recovery is produced.
Tuberculosis Until medical certificate is produced stating that the child is not infectious.
Typhoid Fever Until medical certificate is produced following 3 negative faecal cultures at intervals of 72 hours.
Whooping Cough Until medical certificate of recovery is produced or until 4 weeks from the beginning of the whooping cough.

For more information, refer to the Department of Health website:

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