Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding,

intimacy and mutual valuing.


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Communication facilities awareness, understanding, involvement and learning.

Classroom basket system

All messages, notes, orders, monies etc for the office are to placed in your child’s classroom basket. This basket will then be sent to the office.

Parent/teacher consultations

Open communication between parents and the school is seen as a necessary part of your child’s education. Meetings can be held informally or formally. If there is a matter you wish to discuss with the class teacher please make an appointment at a mutually suitable time. Parents may contact the school between 8.45am and 3.45pm. Monday to Friday. It should be noted that classes must not be disturbed during teaching hours. Formal Parent/Teacher meetings take place in February and June, when the parents are given the opportunity to meet the teacher to discuss their child’s progress.  Notification is given prior to the meeting and appointment times are organised through an online booking system.

Parent information evenings

A information evening is held early in the school year for parent of Foundation to Year 6 students. This evening provides general information about the school and the specialist programs. Parents are invited to their child’s classroom where the class teacher outlines the expectations, operations and content of the curriculum for the year, as well as ways that parents can support their children in their learning.

Student information forms

At the beginning of each year, all parents are required to complete or update a Student Information Form which provides the school with the necessary information about their child, current contact details and permission details.  

Assessment and reporting

Two written formal reports are sent home each year. The reports will be available towards the end of each semester (approximately June and December).  The report asks for parent feedback and the school appreciates that this is attended to. Teachers may also request to meet with parents at various times if there is a matter of concern that needs to be addressed.

Permission notes

Parents are notified in advance when children will be leaving the school for excursions. Permission notes are sent out prior to the date of the excursion. It is most important that if your child is participating in an excursion that the appropriate form is signed and returned to school.  If a signed permission note is not received, your child will be unable to attend.

School newsletter

The school newsletter is distributed fortnightly and is available in hardcopy (upon request), and via the Skoolbag App. Parents are urged to read this carefully as it is an important means of communication between the school and parents. It is also important to check your child’s bag for other notices that are sent home from time to time, for example excursion letters and permission notes. Most of our correspondence in the future will occur via the Skoolbag App.

Skoolbag App – smart phone communication

The SkoolBag app contains important information such as key dates, school news, newsletters, events, cancellations, timetables, school documents as well as absentee forms and information on ordering processes, as well as much much more. To access the app, please contact the School office for instructions.

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